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The Micocoulier's veterinary clinic has a complete technical platform allowing the exploration and surgery of all ocular structures.

This service is available for all species, whether wearing fur, feathers or scales.

Dr. Verneuil and Dr. Divol, both graduates in ophthalmology, provide these consultations from Monday to Friday.

How does an Ophthalmology consultation take place?

Our priority is given to preserve vision and comfort of your animal's eyes.

The examination takes place in a quiet, dark room, and is not painful

Most animals are calm and cooperative, and the use of tranquilizer is exceptionnal.

The examination begins with remote observation, in order to assess the behavior of the patient in an unknown place. The case history from the referring veterinarian is collected, alongside with the observations of the owners.  

The close examination begins with the assessment of the vision thanks to the “threat response”: the patient must close the eye when the hand menace to hit the eye without touching the eyebrows. Photomotor reflexes are then evaluated on each eye. This reflex corresponds to the contraction of the pupil when the eye is exposed to light. The secretion of tears is measured with the Schirmer tear test, using a strip of blotting paper which is disposed on the ocular surface for 1 minute.

A drop of local anesthetic is then instilled onto the eye, which insensibilize the cornea and allows it to be touched without causing blinking. This makes it possible to measure the intraocular pressure by means of a tonometer and to detect glaucoma for example.

The slit lamp examination assesses the transparency of all the transparent areas of the eye: from front to back, the cornea (the windshield), the anterior chamber, the lens and the vitreous. Finally, the indirect ophthalmoscope makes it possible to examine the fundus, essentially composed of the retina and the optic nerve head.

All these examinations are carried out by your own ophthalmologist when you are seated in front of him with your chin resting on the device. Since the animal is less cooperative, all these devices are mobile to allow veterinary examination.


Complete ophthalmological consultation                  85€

(Including fluo test, Tonopen voltage measurement,

fundus examination, etc.)

Follow-up ophthalmological consultation                    55€

10MHz Ultrasound                                   65€

Ultrasound + UBM high frequency 35 MHz              90€

Retinography                                          35€

Gonioscopy                                           30€

Chromatic pupillometry                               60€

Subconjunctival injection                              35€

Intra vitreous injection                                 100€

Electroretinogram                                  260€

MHOC exam                                        100€

Eyelid surgery

Distichiasis correction (surgery or laser)                       482€

Correction of nictitating gland dislocation                      399€

Bilateral entropion correction                            610€

Cornea surgery

Ulcer removal and nictitoraphy                            390€

Conjunctival graft or                               of  600

collagen or amniotic mne                         at 900€

Cross Linking                                            450€

Intraocular surgery

Cataract surgery (phacoemulsification)             990€

Lens extraction (dislocated anteriorly)                  990€

Intraocular implant                                      220€

Vitrectomy (single use pack)                           175€

Vitreoretinal surgery (depending on equipment)          2000-3000€

Silicone intrascleral prosthesis                             600€

Laser cyclophotocoagulation (glaucoma)                   350€

Implantation of Ahmed's valve (glaucoma)                    750€

All surgeries are performed under gas anesthesia and monitoring

For any surgery, an estimate will be made at the request of the client.

A report will be sent to you for any referred client

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