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Dr. vet. DIVOL Guilhem


Dr. Divol provides ophthalmology consultations every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and general medicine consultations on Wednesdays.

Dr. Divol is fascinated by everything that requires meticulousness and composure, which naturally led him to veterinary ophthalmology. He now devotes himself to this discipline almost exclusively alongside with his mentor, Dr. Verneuil. He is also passionate about bee health, and is at your disposal for any inquiry on this subject.

Dr Divol holds a Certificate of Superior Studies in Veterinary Ophthalmology (CESOV), a rotatory internship in companion animals medicine diploma from the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, an university diploma in Microsurgery from the Faculty of Montpellier, an inter-school diploma in beekeeping and beekeeping pathology from the veterinary schools of Nantes and Maisons-Alfort and a University Veterinary Certificate in Emergency for civil security from the University of Liège. He also disntiguish himself as laureate of the Toulouse III Paul Sabatier University.



Divol G and Priymenko N. A new model for evaluating maintenance energy requirements in dogs: allometric equation from 319 pet dogs, Journal of Nutritional Science , 2017 vol. 6, e53



Un cas de kératite périphérique ulcérative. Congrès SFEROV - Toulouse.


Comprendre, diagnostiquer et prendre en charge le syndrome Sec. Formation aux vétérinaire. Sponsorisé par le laboratoire TVM. La Bastide verte - La Garde.


Traitement chirurgical d’un séquestre cornéen félin sévère bilatéral. Concours de cas clinique AFVAC Sud Est 2022 - Aix en Provence


A case of uveitis associated with FIP: value of anterior paracentesis for diagnosis and difficulty of treatment. AFVAC 2019 clinical case competition


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